Best Time to Visit:

Experience the epitome of coastal beauty from November to April, when Witsand basks in long, sun-drenched days and clear blue skies. Immerse yourself in the inviting waters, take leisurely beach strolls, and relish in the magic of extended summer evenings.

Whale Watching Season:
From late May to November, witness the majestic arrival of whales in the bay right in front of Witsand Whale Cliff Accommodation. August is hailed as the prime month for unparalleled whale watching experiences. Enjoy front-row seats to this awe-inspiring spectacle from the comfort of your own abode. Though winter days may be shorter and slightly cooler, a snug jacket is all you need to enhance your adventure.

Plan your unforgettable escape with us and make the most of every moment in this idyllic coastal paradise.

The winter season brings the first whales that usually begin to arrive in the bay in front of Witsand Whale Cliff Accommodation in late May or June. The whale watching season can stretch all the way to November, but the best months are considered to be August. It is over this period that some of the best whale viewing happens from the comfort of your home. The winter days are shorter and perhaps a little cooler, but this certainly doesn’t detract from the activities and experience on offer – and nothing a jacket can’t fix!