Discover Witsand Whale Cliff Activities

Land Based Whale Watching in Witsand, South Africa

Experience Unforgettable Encounters with Southern Right Whales
Welcome to Witsand, fondly known as the "whale nursery" of South Africa. Nestled in the heart of San Sebastian Bay, it is renowned as one of the world's premier destinations for land-based whale watching. From June to November, Southern Right whales grace our shores in remarkable numbers, providing a spectacular display of natural wonder.

Witness Nature's Spectacle

During the winter months, these majestic creatures venture astonishingly close to the shoreline. Guests at Witsand Whale Cliff accommodation have the privilege of observing these magnificent creatures from our deck. Watch in awe as Southern Right whales calve, blow, breach, and even perform playful belly-flops. It's an experience that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those who witness it.

A Growing Population of Whales

Year after year, the number of visiting whales to Witsand continues to rise. This is a testament to the sanctuary that Witsand provides for these incredible animals. The Southern Right whale's journey takes them from the frigid waters of the far Southern Ocean, where they feed near Antarctica, to the warmer waters of Witsand for breeding. This natural pilgrimage, driven by the females' fidelity to safe feeding and calving grounds, results in a thriving population of whales seeking refuge in Witsand.

A Transient Population at Witsand

This unique behavior is passed down from mother to calf, creating a transient population that graces our shores annually. Visitors have the extraordinary opportunity to witness this enchanting display of nature, as hundreds of these magnificent creatures find solace and safety in the welcoming arms of Witsand.

Increasing numbers of whales visit Witsand each year.
The Southern Right whale spends the summer months in the far Southern Ocean feeding close to Antarctica and migrates north in winter for warm-water breeding. The fidelity of the females to safe feeding and calving habitats brings these mammals in increasing numbers to Witsand. The mother passes these instincts onto her calves which results in visitors being able to view this transient population of literally hundreds of whales that visit Witsand shores annually.


Things to do

Activities that can also be arranged includes:

- Kitesurfing
- SUP rentals
- Spearfishing excursions
- Fishing charters are available
- Boat cruises are available
- Guided hikes in De Hoop Nature Reserve
- 4x4 at Westfield Holiday Farm